how we work

With just your internet connection, headphones and webcam we instantly transform your pc, laptop, tablet or smartphone into your own private, personal classroom complete with audio & video, interactive whiteboard and file upload capability. No downloads or updates needed. Click on the link and you are in your own custom virtual learning environment. We design each class to conform to your individual needs as you progress.

our requirements:

Any pc, mac, notebook, tablet or smartphone

Webcam and headset for best results

Internet connection

Desire to learn & improve immediately
we offer:

Professional level classes

Personalized materials

Live classes concentrating on you

Focus on advanced-level students
(CEFR* C1 & C2)

*Common European Framework of Reference
our methodology:

Our method is innovative yet simple:
We teach only what is immediately relevant to
you because we teach you what you need

We don't use standard coursework platforms for self-study