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Here are some links that we suggest looking at. Please visit our blog where we post weekly tips for both teachers and students. English Students worldwide is our Facebook group with over 13,000 members sharing tips to improve your English. Vdioms is a project that we add to from time to time and is a fun way to learn American idioms. Shit-they-can't-teach-you-in-school is another project that we add to on occasion. Shelfies is an advanced international project that we hope you join. It is perfect for your students' expository writing practice. EFLtalks is our project for delivering teacher development videos by top industry professionals throughout the world for free. To date, we have over 150 EFLtalkers with over 200 videos. You can look for future live webinars there.

OLC blog

This is the official blog of Online Language Center. Here we post weekly hints for both teachers and students to improve both teaching skills and learning skills.

English Students worldwide

This is a community for advanced English students from around the world to share and learn tips and advice to become a better language learner. We are currently well over 13,000 learners and educators worldwide and growing.


This closed group offers EFL teachers the latest tips shared by many other EFL teachers globally. It is only open to teachers of English.


Here is our teacher page filled with 10-minute videos from worldwide industry experts filmed during our live events to help with your Continued Professional Development. Nominated for the 2016 British Council ELTon Award for Innovation in Teacher Resources, we have over 150 EFLtalkers offering over 200 free CPD videos to help new, existing and future teachers worldwide.


Vdioms is a fun way to learn American idioms. We make short funny videos to demonstrate the meanings of many popular American idioms.


SHELFIES is a global ESL/EFL project for intermediate and advanced learners to describe their interests with a photo and 75-word description. Started in the fall of 2014, we hope to continue adding more groups to reach students from around the globe.

rahstar productions

rahstar productions is the creative and productive side of our business producing websites, music, photos, graphics and videos. Currently hosting "Shit they can't teach you in school."

Shit they can't teach you in school

Not for use in the classroom. although "dirty" and somewhat disgusting, inappropriate American idioms. Enter with caution and with your tongue in your cheek.

Independent Authors & Publishers Group

Cofounded with Dorothy Zemach from Wayzgoose Press, IAPG brings together several eBook authors and publishers during the annual international IATEFL conference to promote the future of EFL materials not sponsored by the major publishers. Come and visit our booth at IATEFL.


Here is a link to all of the books written, co-written and published by Online Language Center.

Visual Arts Circle

The Visual Arts Circle, responsible for the annual Image Conference, is an initiative to promote the use of arts and images in the EFL classroom to better engage the imagination, creativity and development of EFL students.

Business Language Training Institute

BLTi is the joint partnership of four EFL professionals to collectively help general EFL teachers make a smooth transition to becoming successful Business English professionals. The 2-month online course offers a low-cost yet complete course to support the move from the classroom to the boardroom.