who we help

We are very proud of our close association with UFRJ COPPEAD (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro) providing support classes for their professors teaching their new International Executive MBA courses to students from around the world, in English. We have been so successful that we have been renewed for our fourth year.

"During the past seven months, many of our tenured professors of COPPEAD’s Graduate School of Business have been working together with the teachers from Online Language Center in order to deliver classes in English to our new international students. Their platform has features that have added to the delivery of a quality class and their professionalism, enthusiasm and service is extremely reliable. Across the board, we are always pleased with their work... This high level of satisfaction stems from their ability to build a flexible class schedule and the ability to meet each individual's needs. Even the professors who were considered fluent have upgraded their abilities in English."

Vicente Ferreira, Dean, COPPEAD UFRJ - 2015

Antonio Luis H. Silva Jr.
Attorney at Ulhoa Canto, Rezende e Guerra Advogados
LL.M. at New York University NY

"I have always wanted to pursue graduate studies overseas, so taking the TOEFL was nothing but a must. After having studied English my entire life, knowledge of the language was not an issue, but rather how to use such knowledge in order to achieve the grades I needed. In this regard, Rob was key to my success, as he quickly managed to identify my weaknesses and helped me overcome them. I am positive he is an asset for learners of English as a foreign language. I have recommended his services to a number of friends, not only for those who took the TOEFL, but also for those who wanted to master the language."

Isabel de Carvalho e Silva
Associate at Ulhoa Canto, Rezende e Guerra Advogados
LL.M. at Stanford Law School California

"I decided to apply for an LL.M. program really late so I had a very short deadline, yet, I needed a very high TOEFL score as I was applying to law schools in both the U.S. and the U.K.. A friend of mine recommended Rob, and after only 4 classes I couldn't be happier with the result. Not only did I get a higher score than the one I needed but I also was accepted by all the universities I was applying to. I will always be thankful to Rob for that!"

Dr. Barbara Machado
Plastic Surgeon, Chief of Medical Staff - Ivo Pitanguy Clinic - Rio de Janeiro

"... the months that we have worked together in order to improve my English were fantastic! You made me learn many special hints that made English much easier for me. Correctly pronouncing the words was a difficult issue and you made me overcome this, just by observing small details! Now I feel comfortable enough to give my lectures outside of Brazil and I have lost the fear of making grammar mistakes during the speech. I'm pretty sure Online Language Center will help many professionals that just don't have the time to attend a conventional class. I wish success to all the team !"

Gabriela Garcia
Actress and Student, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

"I didn't know how much English could change my life, not only in a professional environment but personal, as well. ... because of the knowledge, skills and, the ECPE Certificate, lots of doors are being opened for me. Furthermore, it is very interesting to meet people from other countries, be able to communicate with them, learn more about their culture and build friendships. ... thank you so much for the help Rob! You are awesome!"

Tais Venancio
Venancio e Fagundes Contabilidade - São Paulo, Brazil

"I started studying English later in life, motivated by my husband and son, who often talk to each other in English at home. Since I don’t have a lot of time, and want to learn quickly, Online Language Center was the best option. Lee, my teacher, is very efficient and his classes are always pleasant."

Marcos Montenegro
Tax Analyst, Treasury Department of Rio de Janeiro

"Learning English was fundamental in my professional career, mainly in the private sector... which ended up making the difference for my career. Now I have the opportunity to do post graduate work in the USA."

Eduardo Gomes
Citibank, MA. - University of Michigan

"Rob is a great teacher! He understands the learning needs of the students. Also, his "teaching system" really helps when taking the TOEFL exam."

Julia Correa
Lawyer, PUC of Rio de Janeiro

"I contacted Rob a few years ago so he could prepare me for my first English speaking interview for a study group. He helped me a lot, not only with my speaking and listening skills, but also giving me the confidence I needed to do it. And it worked! Thank you, Rob."

Ronaldo Aguiar
Physiotherapist and Coordinator of Hospitalys Orthopedics - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"I've studied many times with Rob since 2006... because all the scientific articles are in English and I needed to read, talk and learn more... I worked at three Olympic Games and three Pan American Games and all of the Physiotherapists shared a lot of information. Now the hospital where I work has a contract with The Hospital for Special Surgery in New York and we need to report every month. Rob was a great teacher, I learned English very quickly.... Rob made the difference."

Shana Bernhardsgrutter Figueiredo
Lawyer - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"Studing English with Rob, was the diference for me... he taught me how to behave in an interview, how to answer, how to think. I liked it and I recommend it!"

Claudio da Rocha Miranda Filho
Director, Rio Music Conference - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"Over the years, I have worked with Rob before my International Music Conferences to brush-up on my English for Business, Networking and to make a proper presentation. The experience is always successful and a pleasure."

Joâo Silveira
Pharmacist - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
PhD Candidate at Harvard University

"I contacted Online Language Center in 2009 when I needed to improve my Business English. Since then, I have always counted on them when I need help to prepare for an important meeting. In 2014, Rob helped me prepare for my lecture at a conference at Harvard University. After a few online meetings, I had the confidence I needed and my presentation at the International Journal of Arts & Sciences in Boston was a success. This year, with Rob's guidance for the TOEFL, I passed and was accepted to a post-graduate program at Harvard University."