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who we are

We are education and business professionals with decades of experience ready to show you how to improve in your own area of expertise. We serve business professionals, lawyers, doctors, university professors and anyone who is in need of professional or academic level communication and fluency skills. Our core strengths have been and are subject-specific teaching delivered with our solid background in both classroom and distance learning. We build strong relationships with our students in order to achieve confidence, a safe, comfortable invigorating learning environment and proven results. Our belief is that your personal success is our professional success.
how we work

With just an internet connection, headphones and a webcam, we instantly transform your pc, laptop, tablet or smartphone into your own personal virtual classroom complete with audio & video, interactive whiteboard and file upload capability. No heavy downloads or updates needed to attend. Just click on your own scheduled link and you are in your own private virtual learning environment. We design each class to conform to your individual and personal needs as you progress. Through constant and consistant evaluation and feedback, we guarantee that you will reach your own predefined objectives catered directly to your goals and your success.
what we do

We are sharply different from the rest because we don't use the standardized mass-formatted materials that most courses are using. We produce our own materials relevant to your specific needs as an advanced language user. Other courses stop at a general low advanced learning level. This is where we start you off from. We only work with high-level advanced learners looking to rapidly achieve native-like communication and fluency skills. Whatever your goal is, we will work together with you, always striving to reach and exceed your expectations together. Come for a thorough evaluation of your existing knowledge and skills to see how we will help you achieve.

one 2 one

Work together with your teacher or coach to achieve your communication goals rapidly.

who we are

Meet our internationally known team of education and business professionals here at OLC.

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Our group classes for advanced levels offer subject matter designed for real-life situations. 

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Come see how our new teacher development courses can set you apart from the crowd.

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See and read some of our latest titles designed for both students and teachers alike available online or in print.

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We are proudly in our 4th year of providing language support for the professors of the International Executive MBA. 

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See our worldwide PLN+ for teachers from top experts in teacher development worldwide.

Business Language Training Institute

Looking to transform your teaching skills to Business English skills? Join the experts.